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31 Days of Halloween, Day 26: “Via Negativa” – Season 8

Synopsis | Doggett and Skinner try to avert the mysterious murder spree of a drug-induced cult leader who leaves no trace of evidence at the crime scenes.
Trivia | Curiously, Frank Spotnitz was inspired to write “Via Negativa” after a tube of toothpaste that, when opened, would have blood come out; since he was unable to think of any real-world scenario involving that idea, he eventually came up with the episode’s concept of dreams and nightmares. It is one of Robert Patrick’s favorite episodes.
Quotes | Doggett: [to Skinner] “Just ’cause I’m assigned to the X-Files you want me to think like Scully or Mulder would. You got the wrong guy. I need facts, not wild ideas.”
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31 Days of Halloween, Day 25: “Roadrunners” – Season 8

Synopsis | Scully evades Doggett’s help in pursuing a dangerous cult that worships a slug-like creature.
Trivia | Some cameramen freaked out during the production of “Roadrunners” due to its graphic nature. The parasitic creature was designed to look like a banana slug, and was created via animatronics.
Quotes | Scully: “Look, I, uh… I wanted to apologize. I… I left you out of this case, and that was a mistake on my part. It was almost a fatal mistake.” Doggett: “It was. You screwed up.” Scully: “And I won’t do it again.” Doggett: “I appreciate it.”
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31 Days of Halloween, Day 21: “X-Cops” – Season 7

Synopsis | Mulder and Scully are followed documentary-style by a Cops camera crew as they investigate an unseen entity on the streets of Los Angeles.
Trivia | The episode’s original title is “Bad Boys”. “X-Cops” is one of two episodes of the series to take place in real time. At some point, David Duchovny was a possible choice to direct it; time constraints and plans for him to direct “Hollywood A.D.” made it necessary to select another director. It ranks as the most-watched stand-alone episode of Season 7 with 16.6 million viewers – original US broadcast. It serves as a fictional crossover with the series Cops.
Quotes | Scully: “Look, Mulder, you want to talk about werewolves to me you can knock yourself out. I may not agree with you, but at least I’m not going to hold it against you. But this… Mulder, this could ruin your career.” Mulder: “What career? Scully, I appreciate it. You don’t want me looking foolish. I do. I appreciate that.” Scully: “I don’t want me looking foolish, Mulder.”
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31 Days of Halloween, Day 17: “Terms of Endearment” – Season 6

Synopsis | Mulder winds up pursuing a man whom he believes is actually a demon bent on fathering a child.
Trivia | “Terms of Endearment” marks the third time Mulder and Scully encounter a demonic entity. Earlier versions of the script were lighter on human interest and heavier on pure shock value – at one point, there was a birth to a serpent, not a demon baby. Interestingly, that bit is later recovered for the seventh season episode “Signs & Wonders” – a horrifying scene wherein a woman gives birth to snakes.
Quotes | Scully: “Mulder, we are supposed to be doing background checks, not chasing X-Files.” Mulder: “Scully, Spender just round filed this case – it’s unconscionable.” Scully: “And what do you call rooting through his trash?”
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The X-Files: 31 Days of Halloween

The monsters are coming… The X-Files: 31 Days of Halloween – an event by The X-Files Forever. During the month of October, we are watching thirty-one of the scariest, creepiest, freakiest and eeriest episodes of The X-Files; it is one episode a day. It all starts on October 1 with “Squeeze”, ending on October 31 with “Home Again”. Let’s get spooky!

Episode teasers

October 1 – “Squeeze”
October 2 – “Tooms”
October 3 – “The Host”
October 4 – “Irresistible”
October 5 – “Die Hand die Verletzt”
October 6 – “Humbug”
October 7 – “Our Town”
October 8 – “2Shy”
October 9 – “Grotesque”
October 10 – “Home”
October 11 – “Unruhe”
October 12 – “Sanguinarium”
October 13 – “Leonard Betts”
October 14 – “Detour”
October 15 – “Chinga”
October 16 – “Folie à Deux”
October 17 – “Terms of Endearment”
October 18 – “Arcadia”
October 19 – “Millennium”
October 20 – “Orison”
October 21 – “X-Cops”
October 22 – “Theef”
October 23 – “Chimera”
October 24 – “Patience”
October 25 – “Roadrunners”
October 26 – “Via Negativa”
October 27 – “Alone”
October 28 – “Dæmonicus”
October 29 – “Hellbound”
October 30 – “Scary Monsters”
October 31 – “Home Again”

Picture of the Day: Scully – “Revelations” (Season 3)

Picture of the Day: Mulder – “Shapes” (Season 1‬)

Picture of the Day: Covarrubias – “Teliko” (Season 4)

Season 10: Synopsis for “My Struggle II”

The investigations that Mulder and Scully previously began with conspiracy theorist and web-TV show host Tad O’Malley seem to have awakened powerful enemies. A widespread panic begins as people all over the country suddenly start falling gravely ill, and Scully must look within to try and find a cure. Meanwhile, Mulder confronts the man whom he believes to be behind it all, but another figure from Mulder and Scully’s past may prove to be the key to their salvation in the all-new “My Struggle II” Season Finale episode of The X-Files airing Monday, February 22 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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