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The X-Files Turns 23

On this day in 1993, The X-Files began its run with the pilot episode.

Ten TV seasons, two feature films, one spin-off series and tons of merchandise – the franchise is still blooming in 2016. The X-Files is FOX’s longest-running sci-fi series and notably its most successful drama series ever. Toward the end of the 1990s, it was the most lucrative show on American television. It is the first ever TV series to launch an official website, and the first TV series ever released on DVD. It was highly acknowledged by the Golden Globes, setting a record for most wins (3) in the Best Drama Series category. Time magazine called it the “cultural touchstone” of the 1990s. According to a survey made by The Hollywood Reporter, the entertainment industry considers it the best sci-fi/supernatural TV series of all-time (third best TV show overall).

Trivia: The X-Files and the World

Eighteen countries/territories have served as backdrop for The X-Files. They are: Antarctica, the Bahamas, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, Hong Kong (China), India, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Norway, Puerto Rico, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey, and the United States.

Trivia: The X-Files and the United States

Forty-seven US states have served as backdrop for The X-Files. Only three were not used by the franchise yet: Alabama, Kentucky, and South Dakota.

Happy Birthday, Skinner!

Most-Watched Stand-Alone Episode in Each Season (United States)

Season 1: “Born Again” (13.7 million)
Season 2: “Fresh Bones” (17.8 million)
Season 3: “Grotesque” (18.3 million)
Season 4: “Leonard Betts” (29.2 million)
Season 5: “Detour” (22.9 million)
Season 6: “The Rain King” (21.2 million)
Season 7: “X-Cops” (16.6 million)
Season 8: “The Gift” (14.6 million)
Season 9: “Sunshine Days” (10.3 million)
Season 10: “Founder’s Mutation” (9.7 million)

Every UFO Sighting on The X-Files

FOX has compiled a list of UFO-related episodes (including clips).

• “Pilot”
• “Deep Throat”
• “Conduit”
• “Fallen Angel”
• “E.B.E.”
• “Little Green Men”
• “Duane Barry” / “Ascension”
• “Paper Clip”
• “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space”
• “Tempus Fugit” / “Max”
• “Patient X” / “The Red and the Black”
• “Dreamland” / “Dreamland II”
• “Biogenesis”/ “The Sixth Extinction” / “The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati”
• “Requiem” / “Within” / “Without”
• “This Is Not Happening”
• “Provenance” / “Providence”
• “My Struggle” / “My Struggle II”

Happy Birthday, Scully!

Complete Episode List

Ten seasons and two hundred eight episodes.

All Nine Seasons Ranked (IMDb)

The discussion regarding the best seasons of a given show can be tiresome. At the end of the day, it is the series as a whole that matters. Still, if we do not take it too seriously, it can be a fun exercise.

With all 202 episodes taken into consideration, this is how the nine seasons of The X-Files are ranked – according to IMDb:
1. Season 6
2. Season 5
3. Season 3
4. Season 4
5. Season 8
6. Season 2
7. Season 7
8. Season 9
9. Season 1

There are very interesting revelations: Season 6 (a Los Angeles-based season) at number 1, fan-favorite Season 3 pushed to third place, Season 8 ahead of three “Mulder & Scully” seasons, and Season 9 beating Season 1 (even if by only a slight margin).

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