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Season 9

31 Days of Halloween, Day 30: “Scary Monsters” – Season 9

Synopsis | Leyla Harrison alerts Scully, Doggett and Reyes to a case she believes is an X-File involving a little boy with a dangerous imagination.
Trivia | Originally, the story of “Scary Monsters” featured Doggett and Reyes investigating the case with a new agent; it was later decided that the agent should be Leyla Harrison, a Mulder-Scully fan who first appeared in the eighth season episode “Alone”. During the production of this episode, it was announced that the original series was ending in Season 9.
Quotes | Doggett: [to Harrison] “Agents Mulder and Scully aren’t in this situation. Agents Doggett and Reyes are. I don’t know about Agent Reyes, but Agent Doggett’s going to sit his tired ass down.”

Scary Monsters


31 Days of Halloween, Day 29: “Hellbound” – Season 9

Synopsis | Reyes senses she somehow played a role in a series of grisly murders – in which the victims were all skinned alive – dating back more than a century.
Trivia | From a makeup perspective, “Hellbound” is a highlight in the series. The skinned human bodies were created by spraying latex on mannequins; the layers were then peeled off and pasted it back onto other mannequins that resembled the actors. The faux skin was created to look moist and was composed of over 200 prosthetic pieces.
Quotes | Reyes: “Do you believe in second chances, Dana? A chance to correct the mistakes we make in our lives?” Scully: “You mean in a future life?” Reyes: “That’s what these people were trying to do. All the victims… trying to atone for their sins from what happened in that photo. Only this man wouldn’t let them.”


31 Days of Halloween, Day 28: “Dæmonicus” – Season 9

Synopsis | Scully, Doggett and Reyes investigate a series of satanic ritual murders.
Trivia | The episode title “Dæmonicus” means “demonic”, “devilish” in Latin. Robert Patrick had issues remembering and delivering his lines while filming “Dæmonicus” – the theme of demonic possession made him uneasy.
Quotes | Scully: [to FBI cadet] “Sorry to disappoint you, but this is a course in forensic pathology. Hard science. An X-File is a case that has been deemed unsolvable by the Bureau. Because such a case cannot be solved, it may beg other explanations… A vampire, perhaps. Science, however, tells us that evil comes not from monsters, but from men. It offers us the methodology to catch these men, and only after we have exhausted these methods should we leave science behind to consider more extreme possibilities.”


IndieWire: “Improbable” Included in “TV’s 12 Best Musical Episodes” List

“Improbable” has been included in IndieWire’s “TV’s 12 Best Musical Episodes” list. The publication calls the stand-alone episode “quirky with occasionally downright goofy moments courtesy of [Burt] Reynolds”.


Picture of the Day: Scully – “Lord of the Flies” (Season 9)

Complete Episode List

Ten seasons and two hundred eight episodes.

All Nine Seasons Ranked (IMDb)

The discussion regarding the best seasons of a given show can be tiresome. At the end of the day, it is the series as a whole that matters. Still, if we do not take it too seriously, it can be a fun exercise.

With all 202 episodes taken into consideration, this is how the nine seasons of The X-Files are ranked – according to IMDb:
1. Season 6
2. Season 5
3. Season 3
4. Season 4
5. Season 8
6. Season 2
7. Season 7
8. Season 9
9. Season 1

There are very interesting revelations: Season 6 (a Los Angeles-based season) at number 1, fan-favorite Season 3 pushed to third place, Season 8 ahead of three “Mulder & Scully” seasons, and Season 9 beating Season 1 (even if by only a slight margin).

The X-Files Essential Collection

Leading up to the event series premiere, TV stations are airing must-watch episodes of the original series. These classic episodes are personally selected by Chris Carter:

• “Pilot”
• “Deep Throat”
• “Squeeze”
• “Ice”
• “Beyond the Sea”
• “The Erlenmeyer Flask”
• “The Host”
• “Duane Barry”
• “Humbug”
• “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose”
• “Jose Chung’s from Outer Space”
• “Home”
• “Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man”
• “Memento Mori”
• “Small Potatoes”
• “The Post-Modern Prometheus”
• “Bad Blood”
• “Triangle”
• “Milagro”
• “X-Cops”
• Bonus: “The Truth”

Bloody Disgusting: “John Doe” Included in “13 Terrific Episodes Directed by Women” List

“John Doe” is included in Bloody Disgusting’s “13 Terrific Television Episodes Directed by Women”. “In one of the most impactful episodes of the final season […], director Michelle MacLaren relays an important message through the medium of horror: in the end, we have no control over our life, and all we really own are our memories, and good or bad, they belong to us, and make us who we are.” –Bloody Disgusting


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