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Season 5

31 Days of Halloween, Day 16: “Folie à Deux” – Season 5

Synopsis | Mulder investigates when a man claims his boss is literally a monster.
Trivia | The episode title “Folie à Deux” means “madness of two” in French. The episode is a behind-the-scenes relic: the monster suit was actually hilarious and made the crew members laugh a lot; it was required serious post-production work to make the bug creature scary.
Quotes | Mulder: “Scully, you have to believe me. Nobody else on this whole damn planet does or ever will. You’re my one in five billion.”

Folie à Deux


31 Days of Halloween, Day 15: “Chinga” – Season 5

Synopsis | Scully investigates a bizarre case in which a haunted doll has caused several victims to inflict wounds upon themselves.
Trivia | The alternative episode title is “Bunghoney”; since “chinga” is a slang word in Mexico, the episode was retitled overseas. “Chinga” is a project originally conceived by noted horror author Stephen King, who approached Chris Carter to do it because he is a fan of the show; then Carter stepped in to work the Mulder-Scully dynamic and to make the story look like an X-File.
Quotes | Mulder: “Hell, maybe you don’t know what you’re looking for.” Scully: “Like evidence of conjury or the black arts or shamanism, divination, wicca or any kind of pagan or neo-pagan practice, charms, cards, familiars, bloodstones, or hex signs or any of the ritual tableaux associated with the occult, santería, vodun, macumba, or any high or low magic?” Mulder: “Scully…” Scully: “Yes?” Mulder: “Marry me.”


31 Days of Halloween, Day 14: “Detour” – Season 5

Synopsis | Mulder and Scully investigate when several people mysteriously disappear in a forest.
Trivia | “Detour” took nineteen days to film – eleven more than the norm for The X-Files; filming was hampered by incessant rain. It ranks as the most-watched stand-alone episode of Season 5 with 22.9 million viewers (original US broadcast).
Quotes | Scully: “Mulder? We’ve got this conference. They’re waiting.” Mulder: “Yeah. How do I say this without using any negative words, Scully?” Scully: “You want me to tell them that you’re not going to make it to this year’s teamwork seminar.” Mulder: “Yeah, you see that? We don’t need that conference. We have communication like that – unspoken. You know what I’m thinking.”


Picture of the Day: Mulder – “Travelers” (Season 5)

Complete Episode List

Ten seasons and two hundred eight episodes.

All Nine Seasons Ranked (IMDb)

The discussion regarding the best seasons of a given show can be tiresome. At the end of the day, it is the series as a whole that matters. Still, if we do not take it too seriously, it can be a fun exercise.

With all 202 episodes taken into consideration, this is how the nine seasons of The X-Files are ranked – according to IMDb:
1. Season 6
2. Season 5
3. Season 3
4. Season 4
5. Season 8
6. Season 2
7. Season 7
8. Season 9
9. Season 1

There are very interesting revelations: Season 6 (a Los Angeles-based season) at number 1, fan-favorite Season 3 pushed to third place, Season 8 ahead of three “Mulder & Scully” seasons, and Season 9 beating Season 1 (even if by only a slight margin).

The X-Files Essential Collection

Leading up to the event series premiere, TV stations are airing must-watch episodes of the original series. These classic episodes are personally selected by Chris Carter:

• “Pilot”
• “Deep Throat”
• “Squeeze”
• “Ice”
• “Beyond the Sea”
• “The Erlenmeyer Flask”
• “The Host”
• “Duane Barry”
• “Humbug”
• “Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose”
• “Jose Chung’s from Outer Space”
• “Home”
• “Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man”
• “Memento Mori”
• “Small Potatoes”
• “The Post-Modern Prometheus”
• “Bad Blood”
• “Triangle”
• “Milagro”
• “X-Cops”
• Bonus: “The Truth”

Blu-ray Edition: Season 5 Artwork

Trivia: Scully & Mulder to the Rescue

Scully rescues Mulder more times than he rescues her throughout the series. As for the movies, they are tied: he saves her in Fight the Future, and she saves him in I Want to Believe.

Scully9 Mulder8

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