The X-Files Forever


Season 3

31 Days of Halloween, Day 9: “Grotesque” – Season 3

Synopsis | Mulder becomes obsessed with a case involving an incarcerated serial killer who claims he was possessed by a gargoyle.
Trivia | “Grotesque” ranks as the most-watched stand-alone episode of Season 3, with 18.3 million viewers (original US broadcast). Director Kim Manners identified it as his favorite third season episode.
Awards | “Grotesque” earned an Emmy Award by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for Outstanding Cinematography in a Series.
Quotes | Mulder: “We work in the dark. We do what we can to battle the evil that would otherwise destroy us. But if a man’s character is his fate, this fight is not a choice but a calling. Yet sometimes the weight of this burden causes us to falter, breaching the fragile fortress of our mind, allowing the monsters without to turn within. We are left alone staring into the abyss, into the laughing face of madness.”



31 Days of Halloween, Day 8: “2Shy” – Season 3

Synopsis | Mulder and Scully hunt for a mutant killer who uses the Internet to attract his victims.
Trivia | The crew nicknamed “2Shy” the “Lick Me, Kill Me” episode. The villain’s name, Virgil Incanto, is inspired by the Italian Renaissance poets he translates.
Quotes | Mulder: “It’s just a theory, but what if he’s not doing this out of a psychotic impulse, but rather out of some physical hunger? Maybe he needs to replenish this chemical deficiency in order to survive.” Scully: “From a dry skin sample you’re concluding what? That he’s some kind of fat-sucking vampire?”


Picture of the Day: Skinner – “Nisei” (Season 3)

Picture of the Day: Skinner and Scully – “The Blessing Way” (Season 3)

Picture of the Day: Mulder – “War of the Coprophages” (Season 3)

Picture of the Day: Scully and Mulder – “D.P.O.” (Season 3)

Picture of the Day: Mulder – “Jose Chung’s From Outer Space” (Season 3)

Complete Episode List

Ten seasons and two hundred eight episodes.

All Nine Seasons Ranked (IMDb)

The discussion regarding the best seasons of a given show can be tiresome. At the end of the day, it is the series as a whole that matters. Still, if we do not take it too seriously, it can be a fun exercise.

With all 202 episodes taken into consideration, this is how the nine seasons of The X-Files are ranked – according to IMDb:
1. Season 6
2. Season 5
3. Season 3
4. Season 4
5. Season 8
6. Season 2
7. Season 7
8. Season 9
9. Season 1

There are very interesting revelations: Season 6 (a Los Angeles-based season) at number 1, fan-favorite Season 3 pushed to third place, Season 8 ahead of three “Mulder & Scully” seasons, and Season 9 beating Season 1 (even if by only a slight margin).

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