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September 2017

Season 11: Exclusive Information Via Entertainment Weekly

In Chris Carter’s words “shippers were heard”, hinting at a romantic relationship between Mulder and Scully. The showrunner also stated that William “will come to the fore”. The season opener delves into the Cigarette-Smoking Man’s backstory and apparent family ties to Mulder, the second episode opens with a time jump to put distance from the events of the premiere, and the third episode is lighter. There is an insight on Reyes’ motivations and a new angle on Skinner.


Additional production still via Den of Geek:


The X-Files Turns 24

Happy anniversary, The X-Files!

On this day in 1993, The X-Files began its run with the pilot episode.
Ten TV seasons, two hundred and eight episodes, two feature films, one spin-off series and tons of merchandise – twenty four years later the franchise is still active for the delight of the fandom. The X-Files is FOX’s longest-running sci-fi series and notably its most successful drama series ever. Toward the end of the 1990s, it was the most lucrative show on American television (Fortune magazine, 1998). It was highly recognized by the Golden Globes, setting the record for most wins (3) in the Best Drama Series category – the only genre show to win more than once. According to a survey made by The Hollywood Reporter magazine, the entertainment industry considers The X-Files the best sci-fi/supernatural TV series of all time (third best TV show overall). Time magazine called it the “cultural touchstone” of the 1990s.



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