Synopsis | Mulder and Scully are followed documentary-style by a Cops camera crew as they investigate an unseen entity on the streets of Los Angeles.
Trivia | The episode’s original title is “Bad Boys”. “X-Cops” is one of two episodes of the series to take place in real time. At some point, David Duchovny was a possible choice to direct it; time constraints and plans for him to direct “Hollywood A.D.” made it necessary to select another director. It ranks as the most-watched stand-alone episode of Season 7 with 16.6 million viewers – original US broadcast. It serves as a fictional crossover with the series Cops.
Quotes | Scully: “Look, Mulder, you want to talk about werewolves to me you can knock yourself out. I may not agree with you, but at least I’m not going to hold it against you. But this… Mulder, this could ruin your career.” Mulder: “What career? Scully, I appreciate it. You don’t want me looking foolish. I do. I appreciate that.” Scully: “I don’t want me looking foolish, Mulder.”
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