Synopsis | An investigation into infanticide in an idyllic small town leads Mulder and Scully to an appalling discovery: a family deformed by inbreeding into a feral, murderous clan.
Trivia | “Home” is the first episode of the series to receive a viewer discretion warning. After its initial airing, FOX took it out of rotation (the only time in The X-Files history that this happened) for three years. The network’s executives offered to lift the ban, and allow the episode to be repeated if the bludgeoning scene was removed; however, screenwriters Glen Morgan and James Wong refused. The episode eventually returned to FOX on Halloween 1999.
Quotes | Mulder: “Is there some secret farmer trick to get these things moving?” Scully: “I don’t know. Naa-ram-ewe! Naa-ram-ewe!” Mulder: “Yeah, that’ll work.”
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