The X-Files Forever


September 2016

The X-Files: 31 Days of Halloween

The monsters are coming… The X-Files: 31 Days of Halloween – an event by The X-Files Forever. During the month of October, we are watching thirty-one of the scariest, creepiest, freakiest and eeriest episodes of The X-Files; it is one episode a day. It all starts on October 1 with “Squeeze”, ending on October 31 with “Home Again”. Let’s get spooky!

Episode teasers

October 1 – “Squeeze”
October 2 – “Tooms”
October 3 – “The Host”
October 4 – “Irresistible”
October 5 – “Die Hand die Verletzt”
October 6 – “Humbug”
October 7 – “Our Town”
October 8 – “2Shy”
October 9 – “Grotesque”
October 10 – “Home”
October 11 – “Unruhe”
October 12 – “Sanguinarium”
October 13 – “Leonard Betts”
October 14 – “Detour”
October 15 – “Chinga”
October 16 – “Folie à Deux”
October 17 – “Terms of Endearment”
October 18 – “Arcadia”
October 19 – “Millennium”
October 20 – “Orison”
October 21 – “X-Cops”
October 22 – “Theef”
October 23 – “Chimera”
October 24 – “Patience”
October 25 – “Roadrunners”
October 26 – “Via Negativa”
October 27 – “Alone”
October 28 – “Dæmonicus”
October 29 – “Hellbound”
October 30 – “Scary Monsters”
October 31 – “Home Again”


The X-Files Turns 23

On this day in 1993, The X-Files began its run with the pilot episode.

Ten TV seasons, two feature films, one spin-off series and tons of merchandise – the franchise is still blooming in 2016. The X-Files is FOX’s longest-running sci-fi series and notably its most successful drama series ever. Toward the end of the 1990s, it was the most lucrative show on American television. It is the first ever TV series to launch an official website, and the first TV series ever released on DVD. It was highly acknowledged by the Golden Globes, setting a record for most wins (3) in the Best Drama Series category. Time magazine called it the “cultural touchstone” of the 1990s. According to a survey made by The Hollywood Reporter, the entertainment industry considers it the best sci-fi/supernatural TV series of all-time (third best TV show overall).

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