Reviews supporting the first episode “My Struggle”.

Uproxx: “After seeing it for ourselves, those fans have every reason to be excited […].”

The Telegraph: “The storylines and the context feel fresh and contemporary in this new installment of The X-Files.”

The Daily Beast: “[The episode] made us want to believe so badly. It was the X-Files in its finest form, a perfect distillation of everything that makes this show great—from utterly batshit and unpredictable mysteries to Mulder and Scully’s classic, cerebral arguments.”

Den of Geek: “[…] The X-Files is back, and that is a very, very good thing.”

Blending Cool: “Did it succeed? As first episodes go…so far, so good.”

The Sydney Morning Herald: “Brilliantly, it manages to be box up all the touchstones of the original series, in a very present framework. […] The first episode of the six foreshadows a compelling new series […].”

HitFix: “The first episode feels familiar, comforting even […].”

TV Guide: “The X-Files Premiere Will Make You a Believer”.

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