In late August, The X-Files Forever​ showed you how The X-Files would look nowadays as a serialized show, with a list containing mythology-based episodes.
However, there are several stand-alone episodes with important character development. This selection supports those who are watching/rewatching the series with a focus on the mytharc:

1. “Beyond the Sea” (development of Scully)
2. “Sleepless” (introduction of Krycek and X)
3. “3” (development of Mulder)
4. “Avatar” (development of Skinner)
5. “Wetwired” (insight on the conspiracy)
6. “Paper Hearts” (development of Mulder)
7. “Never Again” (development of Scully)
8. “Unusual Suspects” (development of the Lone Gunmen)
9. “Travelers” (origins of the X-Files and insight on the conspiracy)
10. “Milagro” (development of Scully and Mulder)
11. “Three of a Kind” (development of the Lone Gunmen)
12. “all things” (development of Scully)
13. “The Gift” (insight on Mulder)
14. “Empedocles” (development of Doggett and Reyes)
15. “Jump the Shark” (development of the Lone Gunmen)
16. “Release” (development of Doggett)