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31 Days of Halloween, Day 19: “Millennium” – Season 7

Synopsis | Mulder and Scully seek out ex-Millennium Group member Frank Black when some of his former associates turn into the walking dead.
Trivia | The zombie concept of “Millennium” arose from a separate aborted project: at some point, Stephen King was supposed to write an episode based on George Romero’s cult zombie film Night of the Living Dead, and Romero was slated to direct the episode. “Millennium” is notable for featuring the first romantic kiss between Mulder and Scully, and because it serves as a crossover with the series Millennium.
Quotes | Scully: “Mulder, those people even when they were alive mangled biblical prophecy to the extent that it’s unrecognizable. The year 2000 is just their artificial deadline and besides, 2001 is actually the start of the new millennium.” Mulder: “Nobody likes a math geek, Scully.”



31 Days of Halloween, Day 18: “Arcadia” – Season 6

Synopsis | Mulder and Scully go undercover, posing as a married couple, to investigate strange happenings in a planned suburban community.
Trivia | Originally, the main antagonist in “Arcadia” was an infamous individual who was terrorizing the neighborhood and becoming a sort of metaphorical bogeyman; eventually, the story was re-written to include an actual monster – a Tulpa creature. The crew members gave the creature a variety of nicknames: “Gumby on Steroids”, “Mr. Butterworth”, “Fecal Fred” and “Sh*t Monster”. The airing of “Arcadia” was delayed by two weeks due to monster-related special effects.
Quotes | Mulder: “You want to make that honeymoon video now?” Scully: “Rob and Laura Petrie?” Mulder: “Pee-trie.” Scully: “Mulder, if we ever go undercover again I get to choose the names, okay?”


31 Days of Halloween, Day 17: “Terms of Endearment” – Season 6

Synopsis | Mulder winds up pursuing a man whom he believes is actually a demon bent on fathering a child.
Trivia | Earlier versions of the script for “Terms of Endearment” were lighter on human interest and heavier on pure shock value. At some point, there was a birth to a serpent, not a demon baby. Interestingly, that bit is later recovered for the seventh season episode “Signs & Wonders” – a horrifying scene in which a woman gives birth to snakes.
Quotes | Scully: “Mulder, we are supposed to be doing background checks, not chasing X-Files.” Mulder: “Scully, Spender just round filed this case – it’s unconscionable.” Scully: “And what do you call rooting through his trash?”

Terms of Endearment

31 Days of Halloween, Day 16: “Folie à Deux” – Season 5

Synopsis | Mulder investigates when a man claims his boss is literally a monster.
Trivia | The episode title “Folie à Deux” means “madness of two” in French. The episode is a behind-the-scenes relic: the monster suit was actually hilarious and made the crew members laugh a lot; it was required serious post-production work to make the bug creature scary.
Quotes | Mulder: “Scully, you have to believe me. Nobody else on this whole damn planet does or ever will. You’re my one in five billion.”

Folie à Deux

31 Days of Halloween, Day 15: “Chinga” – Season 5

Synopsis | Scully investigates a bizarre case in which a haunted doll has caused several victims to inflict wounds upon themselves.
Trivia | The alternative episode title is “Bunghoney”; since “chinga” is a slang word in Mexico, the episode was retitled overseas. “Chinga” is a project originally conceived by noted horror author Stephen King, who approached Chris Carter to do it because he is a fan of the show; then Carter stepped in to work the Mulder-Scully dynamic and to make the story look like an X-File.
Quotes | Mulder: “Hell, maybe you don’t know what you’re looking for.” Scully: “Like evidence of conjury or the black arts or shamanism, divination, wicca or any kind of pagan or neo-pagan practice, charms, cards, familiars, bloodstones, or hex signs or any of the ritual tableaux associated with the occult, santería, vodun, macumba, or any high or low magic?” Mulder: “Scully…” Scully: “Yes?” Mulder: “Marry me.”


31 Days of Halloween, Day 14: “Detour” – Season 5

Synopsis | Mulder and Scully investigate when several people mysteriously disappear in a forest.
Trivia | “Detour” took nineteen days to film – eleven more than the norm for The X-Files; filming was hampered by incessant rain. It ranks as the most-watched stand-alone episode of Season 5 with 22.9 million viewers (original US broadcast).
Quotes | Scully: “Mulder? We’ve got this conference. They’re waiting.” Mulder: “Yeah. How do I say this without using any negative words, Scully?” Scully: “You want me to tell them that you’re not going to make it to this year’s teamwork seminar.” Mulder: “Yeah, you see that? We don’t need that conference. We have communication like that – unspoken. You know what I’m thinking.”


31 Days of Halloween, Day 13: “Leonard Betts” – Season 4

Synopsis | Mulder and Scully suspect a man may be an evolutionary monster capable of regeneration.
Trivia | “Leonard Betts” was chosen as the best representation of the series for the post-Super Bowl time slot. As a result, it ranks as the most-watched episode of the entire series with 29.2 million viewers (original US broadcast).
Quotes | Scully: “Mulder, what are we doing here?” Mulder: “Did I mention that Mr. Betts had no head?”

Leonard Betts

Season 11: Chris Carter Hints at Robert Patrick’s Return

The showrunner revealed that Patrick was actually slated to appear in one of the upcoming season’s early installments, but could not because of his commitment to Scorpion. However, Carter went with “that’s not to say you won’t see him this season”, which tells us that Patrick is appearing in the second half of the season. In August, Patrick said he was willing to reprise his role as Doggett.



31 Days of Halloween, Day 12: “Sanguinarium” – Season 4

Synopsis | Mulder and Scully investigate when patients undergoing cosmetic surgery die horrible deaths at the hands of doctors possessed by witchcraft.
Trivia | The episode title “Sanguinarium” means “place of blood” in Latin. The episode is noteworthy for starting as a spec script written by two fans of the show; then Chris Carter and other members of the writing staff including Howard Gordon and Vince Gilligan reworked the ideas into a teleplay. It features references to real-life witchcraft sources.
Quotes | Scully: “There’s magic going on here, Mulder. Only it’s being done with silicone, collagen, and a well-placed scalpel.”


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