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Season 11: “My Struggle IV” Promo Spot


Season 11: “My Struggle IV” Production Stills


Season 11: Trailer #3

Trailer #3 has been released, featuring footage from “Nothing Lasts Forever” and “My Struggle IV”.

Season 11: “Nothing Lasts Forever” Promo Spot

Season 11: “Familiar” Promo Spot

Season 11: “Nothing Lasts Forever” Production Stills


Welcome to The X-Files, Kentucky!

Did you notice? The X-Files visited a new US state in Season 11. Currently, forty-eight US states have served as backdrop for the series. Last season, South Carolina made its debut in “My Struggle II”. This season marks the first time that Kentucky serves as backdrop for the series, with “Kitten” taking place in that particular state. As a result, only two US states have not been used by the show yet: Alabama and South Dakota.

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Season 11: “Familiar” Production Stills

The production stills of the eighth episode “Familiar”.


Season 11: “Rm9sbG93ZXJz” Production Stills

The production stills of the seventh episode “Rm9sbG93ZXJz”.


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